Workshop on digital technologies in Road Transport

As warm-up to the 4th European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving, join on 2 May the workshop in Brussels of the Taskforce Automotive of BDVA, in collaboration with Adra and CCAM: "Bringing new and Advanced Digital Technologies to application in the Road Transport domain".


Location: Avenue des Arts 56, 1000, Brussels

This workshop aims to kick off the dialogue and develop a joint approach in the cross-sectoral collaboration in the field of AI and data for road transport. Actors from the stakeholder field are invited to actively contribute to the discussion, explore potential acceleration of the digital transition, and jointly define areas of synergies, with domain specific applications.

Digitalisation is a key development for many European industries. Its ongoing integration of digital technologies and specific application domains impacts many activities across the economy and society. The digital transformation is having a profound impact on various aspects of life presenting new opportunities including emerging technologies and market segments.

However, to implement this transformation, Europe faces major challenges in adopting e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Edge/Cloud Computing technologies. In many existing industrial sectors, the work of mechanical, electric, and electronic engineers is constrained to consolidated workflow models, not adapted to emerging software technologies. The transition is made more difficult by the lack or limited knowledge of these techniques.

In numbers Europe’s GDP is mainly based on industries such as automotive (7,5% approx.), whereas software and IT companies currently play minor roles, representing only 2% of the GDP compared to the US where the same industry represents 10,5% of the GDP. Consequently, although the needs and benefits of data processing technologies and platforms become visible, the gap to embrace the same approaches in existing industries is increasing. This is even extended due to the lack of domain specific tools to effectively generate, process and use valuable data (from customers and products as well as the eco-systems) and to develop domain specific AI solutions.

The challenge of transforming European B2B to a digital business is inherently more complex than in the US B2C market. To accelerate cross-fertilization, it is thus needed to bring together European automotive stakeholders (e.g., CCAM, EARPA) and the community of European technology providers (e.g., ADRA, BDVA).