Workshop on Advanced Digital Skills "Tech adoption scenarios for Data and AI 2030"

Join on 23 May the online workshop on Advanced Digital Skills : “Tech adoption scenarios for Data and AI 2030”. Participants will have a decisive role in shaping the European response to skills demands in AI and Data and co-create market development scenarios for Advanced Digital Skills.

This workshop is open to all BDVA members.

About the workshop

The goal of this session is to engage with tech development experts to be able to co-create market development scenarios and share insights and market data for key adoption metrics.
It will:

  • Select and review prominent market use cases for tracking technologies.
  • Explore key macroeconomic, sectoral and technological factors and events that will act as independent variables.
  • Contribute the modelling of key market scenarios by industry leaders.
  • Provide expert opinions and predications.
  • Contribute to the production of a short paper on the definition of market scenarios for AI and Data and key use cases

What can you expect:

  • Presentation of reference industrial use cases for AI and Data technologies.
  • Latest market data and predictions for future adoption.
  • Named contributor on outcome paper and development of modelling for skills spending
  • Opportunity to co-author white paper on the defining factors of market adoption.
  • Collaboration with SPECIALISED Master programmes and other skills actors