Where will the European Data Economy be by 2025?

Join a scenario workshop led by IDC in collaboration with BDVA and the BDVe project on the drivers and barriers of data-driven innovation in Europe. The workshop will take place in Brussels on Oct 20.

IDC’s forecast models estimate that the value of the data economy in Europe could be up to 739 €B under the High growth scenario or as low as 354 €B in the Challenge scenario. Now the EC has asked IDC to extend the forecasts to 2025 – by participating to this workshop you will have a chance to hear from Philip Carnelley, IDC Big Data research director, and Gabriella Cattaneo, responsible of IDC socio-economic research, what IDC thinks about industry and market trends in the next years and to discuss with a high level group of industry and research experts what could be the key turning points and challenges in Europe. A workshop document with the results of the discussion will be shared with all participants.
Join us and help shaping the 2025 scenarios the EC is going to rely on for the next 3 years.

The workshop will take place in Brussels on October 20.

Registration: Interested Participants should register by sending an email to Stefania Aguzzi (saguzzi@idc.com) specifying their name and organization. You will receive a registration confirmation (number of seats is limited).