Welcome to the BDVA Community: Meet our new 9 members!

On Friday 17th November 2023, BDVA's General Assembly formally approved 9 new members within the association, with the 3 being full and 6 associate. The new members come from Finland, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece and Italy.

BDVA's community continues to evolve, amidst a period of technological advancements and endeavours, blossoming evermore with the recent inclusion of a large industry representative determined to reach our mutual goals, the innovative spirit of 2 start-ups, 5 prestigious academic and research institutions and the invaluable presence of a national government with an already established long-term dedication to nurturing and innovating the fields of data and AI.

Please find the list of new members below:

New full members (in alphabetical order): 

Centre de la Recherche Scientifique, CNRS, France 
Gradiant, Spain
NOVA Information Management School, Portugal


New associated members (in alphabetical order): 

Arsys, Spain
Binare Oy, Finland
CCG/ZGDV - ICT Innovation Institute, Portugal
CORE Innovation Centre, Greece
Ministry of Economy and Finance / Directorate of Information Systems and Innovation, Italy
Qbeast Analytics SL, Spain

BDVA is also extremely glad to announce that 3 members upgraded their membership to full: CeADARDawex and Jot Internet Media.

We hereby extend our salutation to all of our 250 members and to the newest members of our family, full of gratitude and enthusiasm for being on board the pioneering data and AI ship, that will steer, shape and help fertilise the future of European technologies! Together, we'll chart a course towards new data and AI horizons.

To achieve these goals, their patronage stands as a testament to their commitment. We are certain of the invaluable support that each entity brings, as they intertwine their narratives with ours in pursuit of our shared aspirations, empowering European industry and society for a human-centric digital future embedded with technology infused with ethical values and purpose.

We are honoured by their contributions and we are very delighted to have them as part of the dynamic data-driven community, the great BDVA family, which aims to expand the data-driven ecosystem across sectors, while taking into account the crucial need for governing data effectively, aligning technological advancements with societal and business needs and ensuring that technologies evolve sustainably in the years to come.