Vision Paper: European Federation of Data Innovation Spaces (i-Spaces)

BDVA is proud to share the Vision Paper of the European Federation of Data Innovation Spaces (i-Spaces), produced in collaboration with EUHubs4Data.

As we find ourselves in a complex environment around data and AI Innovators find themselves in dire need of data computing power, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) require support to become data-driven and join data ecosystems to strengthen their position in the digital value chains. At the same time, companies are growing an interest in data ethics, data owners need to be incentivised to share their data and fair data value chains still need to be invented. The new AI and Data regulations bring challenges for innovators, while skills development, access to secure experimentation and open innovation are becoming invaluable.

The Federation of i-Spaces is a key instrument to foster and nurture data-driven innovation in Europe. In this context, a group of organisations that have developed strong business and human ecosystems around secure data-sharing experimentation facilities decided to join forces. They have integrated a quality label for innovation data spaces (called the i-Space label) as a way to benchmark, promote and evolve their ambitions and community. These organisations have federated themselves with the vision of being the reference for experimentation and innovation with industrial, public and personal Data and AI technologies following the European, national and regional values and principles and find themselves at the core of HPC, AI TEFS, EDIHs, Data Spaces, etc.

This super-core aggregates computing power, tools, ethics guidelines and business models, in a global pan-European federated catalogue that accelerates the evolution and adoption of data-driven innovation and AI Technologies and regulations in Europe by facilitating a safe, trustworthy and regulatory-compliant environment for cross-border and cross-sector data-driven experimentation.

The following paper shares the vision, mission and objectives of the Federation of i-Spaces, alongside the unique value proposition that the i-Spaces are providing to Europe.

BDVA warmly thanks all contributors! Don't forget to explore the publication by clicking this link.