TRUSTS: Data Economy must emerge securely and trustworthy

In the project's latest press release, TRUSTS (Trusted Secure Data Sharing Space) partners explain why Pan-European Data Sharing needs solid legal frameworks for technological development:

"Data platforms or data marketplaces are emerging to facilitate data exchange. In the opinion of policy makers data should be a tradeable commodity, just like capital or other resources. But so far, lack of skills and knowhow and additional challenges, like privacy, security, regulation and competitiveness hinder the practical feasibility of such approaches. Nevertheless, there are already existing marketplaces on national or city-level, some are industry-specific (e.g., mobility) or data type specific (e.g., IoT, personal, business). Within the last TRUSTS event partners of the consortium gave insights into aspects you need for a federated data marketplace: trustworthiness and a good legal and ethical framework. "

Read the full press release at the TRUSTS website:



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(Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash)