Task Force 7 - Subgroup 9: Agriculture

  • Posted on: 11 August 2021
  • By: Jaakko

This Subgroup is instrumental to extend the constituency of BDVA / DAIRO and its knowledge looking at the potential of Data and Industrial AI in agriculture and in general any Bioeconomy sub-sector. It will allow the BDVA / DAIRO community to learn from developments and deployments in Smart Farming and at the same time, will create a channel to collaborate with sectorial players. The voice of farmers is expected to be considered as data is a sensitive issue, helping BDVA / DAIRO to adopt user-centricity approaches in a field where the position of IT players has been the predominant one.

Focus and activities

Agrifood (or smart farming if we want to widen the scope) is one of the sectors with the highest potential in terms of application of digital technologies, with special focus on IoT and Big Data. It appears as one of the economic sectors that could greatly benefit from the Digital Transformation movement and we see this reflected in the increasing investments on Digital Technologies by the European Commission. 

Subgroup Lead
Panos Ilias


Subgroup Co-Lead
Giulia Antonucci


Subgroup Co-Lead
Francisco José Lacueva Pérez