Task Force 7, Subgroup 7: Mobility and Logistics

  • Posted on: 11 August 2021
  • By: Jaakko

The challenge of the subgroup is to be leading discussions on topics that are not touched at the current H2020 workprogrammes (ICT, Transport, ART, GV, etc.), putting seeds for the new roadmap. The subgroup will investigate the potential to create jobs that benefit from low-income people and minorities, contribute in the struggle for civil rights and equal opportunity, suggest changes in the transportation system that as a whole in the most efficient, safe and environmentally friendly way and fulfils the user’s expectations “under all circumstances” and overall discuss how new trends disrupt current distribution and transport processes, present successful case studies and failure cases that underline future research areas.

Focus and activities

The scope is to put together experts for bringing in the subgroup innovative know relating to the big data mobility and logistics domain and create the necessary collaborative environment to assist its dispersion. Attendants and contributors are invited to contribute via a participatory process leading to results without forceful policies to improve the current situation.

The areas covered are:

  • Personal Mobility - (Mobility as a Service (MaaS)), Integrated multimodal transport solutions/ticketing for urban and long-distance journeys. Data privacy, data sharing (between public and private operators) and prediction of user needs and behaviour are crucial for this sector.
  • Logistics (Physical Internet particularly focusing on E-commerce, Omni-Channel supply chain, Urban logistics, Data market for collaborative logistics, Horizontal collaboration cases) checking also on energy efficiency matters i.e. minimize pollutant emissions in the transportation sector policies that encourage shifts to cleaner modes of transport and reduce the need for travel.
  • Automotive (Electric, Connected, Autonomous Vehicles). Data Privacy, Security (closely related to data), and new services (such as booking of charging spots, smart charging, eRoaming, real-time image acquisition and others) are representing new challenges and opportunities based on big data.
Subgroup Lead
Vivian Kiousi