Task Force 7 - Subgroup 3: Healthcare

  • Posted on: 11 August 2021
  • By: Jaakko

The goal of the subgroup is to create a platform for collaboration within BDVA community that work in the healthcare and related sectors to:

  • Create partnership within the members
  • Exchange knowledge by organizing workshops
  • Identify challenges in the domain and address in the form of whitepaper or webinar with the respective stakeholders
  • Creating collaboration with other new organization that support the healthcare domain
Focus and activities

The expected outcomes of the subgroup are:

  • Inclusion on healthcare topics into partnerships, research programme and alliances
  • Support alignment between Horizon Europe and Digital Europe program for Healthcare related topics
  • Improve the adoption of AI and Big Data in healthcare through the exchange of knowledge and best practices.
Subgroup lead
Francesca Manni


Subgroup Co-Lead
Ane Alberdi Aramendi
Mondragon University