Task Force 7 - Subgroup 12: Energy

  • Posted on: 12 August 2021
  • By: Jaakko

The main objective of this Subgroup is to create a common understanding between members of the BDVA interested in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence applications applied to the energy domain and generate strategic knowledge for European policy makers and industry.

Given the launch of the GREEN DEAL Programme and its strong dimension in the field of energy, in particular with Cluster 5 - Horizon Europe - Cluster 5: Climate, Energy and Mobility, it is imperative to align this Task Force initiative with the important ambitions of this European initiative. Moreover, a continuous bidirectional alignment among this BDVA TF subgroup and the most relevant EC-level, working groups, technology platforms, where European Commission DG CONNECT and DG ENER directly participate becomes of utmost importance.

Focus and activities

The energy value chain involves a very large diversity of actors who, in their activities and interactions of physical equipment and services that enable the functioning of this value chain, generate a huge amount of data. These data must be mobilised and exploited to respond to the socio-economic stakes of the energy transition and environmental challenges.

The current physical grid, that supports the energy value chain from its production through transmission, distribution and commercialization to customers, will move from a purely electro-mechanical approach to connected assets to a highly intelligent and connected form offering intelligent services in the cloud and at the edge that will rely on advanced equipment connectivity to exploit data in a holistic manner. 

Nevertheless, in order to get most of this data we need to ensure data interoperability and trust between these different actors from the energy value chain. Thus, a consensus amongst these actors is needed to define and develop existing standards (such as GAIA-X and IDS) to ensure data interoperability and trust. This TF Subgroup can foster the adoption and development of such standards by putting together different actors from the energy value chain.

Subgroup Lead
Philippe Calvez


Subgroup Co-Lead
Massimo Bertoncini