Internal events

BDVA Activity Group meeting (AG22) October 18-19

BDVA organises its next Activity Group meeting for members in Brussels on October 18-19. Specific workshops/sessions in topics such as Digital Skills, Smart Manufacturing Industry, i-Spaces and Data Platforms (IDPs and PDPs) are organised in the context of this Activity Group meeting. BDVA members can find all the relevant information and register in the BDVA Intranet.

BDVA AG meeting AG21

On the 6th of September the BDVA Activity Group Meeting was held in Brussels. The meeting aims at discussing the outcomes and the exchange of ideas on various relevant topics such as BDVA i-Spaces/IDP/PDP, Data Ownership, Big Data BDVA Reference Model, Big Data – HPC, Smart Manufacturing Industries and SMEs. The focus of many of the activities is on providing input to the Big Data Value Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) update to v4.0.