Other type of events like BDVA participating without physical present, etc.

The Copernicus Value Chain Workshop

As an integral part of the stakeholder consultation process in preparation of the publication of the European Space Strategy, the European Commission has initiated an action to ensure the fully-fledged development of the Copernicus Value Chain. The ultimate objective is of the workshop is to obtain a clearer view of the Copernicus ecosystem as well as to properly identify the barriers to entry and key enablers for market uptake so as to allow the Copernicus program to produce all the expected benefits.

i-KNOW conference 2016

i-KNOW 2016 aims at advancing research at the intersection of disciplines such as Knowledge Discovery, Semantics, Information Visualization, Visual Analytics, Social (Semantic) and Ubiquitous Computing.
This years Conference Theme will be focusing on Cognitive Computing and Data-Driven Business. In our understanding they represent the technological and business-oriented perspectives on the same phenomenon.

More details can be found at http://i-know.tugraz.at/

Seizing Europe’s Data Innovation Opportunity

The rapidly growing data economy presents an enormous opportunity for Europe to increase productivity and competitiveness. Public sector institutions alone could save more than €100 billion annually from increased use of data. Moreover, data-driven innovation will likely play a key role in addressing a wide array of the most important challenges facing Europe, from supporting an ageing population to improving domestic security to combating human trafficking.

International Workshop on Big Data Analytics (BigDAW16)

The Workshop is co-located with ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide a fertile ground for collaboration between research institutions and industries and in analytics, machine learning, and high performance computing.

Topics of interest are:
- High performance data analytics
- Machine and deep learning
- Data search and representation
- Architecture and system design
- Cloud-based big data solutions
- Software infrastructures

The EU Data Market demand-side: types of data-based innovations and the way towards fostering data users presence

How innovative are European businesses with big data? Key statistics on the demand side 2014 - 2020. Join the next European Data Market study webinar on The EU Data Market demand-side: types of data-based innovations and the way towards fostering data users presence.

7th European Innovation Summit - “European free flow of massive Earth observation data: a game changer for European innovation”

In cooperation with ESA and hosted by Cora van Nieuwenhuizen MEP

According to a recent study, 80% of CEOs think that data mining and analyses are strategically important to their company. Digitalization and the use of big data are essential to the development of precision farming, urban planning or water management. Digital services such as cloud computing, big data (including data-driven science and geo-spatial data) and thematic platforms are driving this transformation process.

International Conference on Big Data

This conference brings together scientific experts on Computer Science, Statistics and Economics as well as other professionals offering solutions to secure current data management from the perspective of Big Data, Data Mining and predictive classical Statistics. From these disciplines all stages of the Data Management process are addressed: data collection, integration, storage, pre-processing, analysis and visualization.

Conference Webpage: http://www.wessex.ac.uk/conferences/2016/big-data-2016