BDVA Task Forces


AI for Security

Focus and activities

This Task Force focuses on promoting a human-centric approach to AI for security.

The current challenges and priorities in the field of security require the construction of a cohesive and strategic landscape that delivers interoperable and trustworthy solutions that uphold ethical and societal values to tackle cyber, physical and hybrid threats across Europe.

In this scenario, the state of play in the areas of Big Data, AI and HPC will significantly contribute and play a pivotal role in the deployment of the EU Agenda on Security for fighting crime and ensuring fundamental rights. This Subgroup can steer the roadmap to reduce fragmentation and promote a harmonised environment that fosters practitioners’ trust and long-term AI innovation, adoption and uptake. The BDVA Security Task Force will ensure that innovative, sustainable, efficient, data-driven AI-based solutions for a more secured society for Europe’s citizens take into account the challenges posed by the wide adoption of AI in the domain of security and its impacts on democracy.

Therefore, the Security Task Force will promote a human-centric approach to AI for security that is:

  • Responsible (meeting societies’ needs, eliminating or mitigating the negative impacts, encoding ethical values);
  • Explainable (transparent and understandable processing and decision-making processes, reinforcing the admissibility of any resulting evidence in court);
  • Trustworthy (upholding all applicable laws and regulations, respecting ethical principles and values, technologically robust), and
  • Accountable (enabling the assessment of algorithms, data and design processes), in accordance with existing ethical frameworks and guidelines compatible with the EU principles and regulations.


Nizar Touleimat
Task Force Co-Lead
Vito Morreale
Task Forse Co-Lead