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Etami BDVA Task Force

Focus and activities

Aim: the development of trustworthy and ethical AI across all domains.

etami focusses on making AI a reliable and trustworthy technology. It does so by focussing on the social, legal and business risks associated with AI systems, rethinking AI lifecycle models to optimise quality in AI, and promoting auditing throughout the system’s life cycle. etami’s solutions are piloted across different domains, and coupled with proper software tooling.

There are many challenges on this path. For instance, questions around fairness and non-discrimination, at the heart of trustworthy and ethical AI, are yet to be fully understood in the current literature, let alone deemed solved from a corporate process’s standpoint. Human oversight is technically challenging, while data documentation tools are yet to be established.

etami started in 2019 as an independent initiative. BDVA, with its large and diverse set of members, helps etami to develop what is crucially missing in the AI landscape: the bridge between solid research and its translation into a reliable and trustworthy engineering practice, while keeping universal ethical values at the centre.

Find more information on etami’s website.


Patrick van der Smagt
Task Force Lead


Liaison with CEN-CENELEC JTC21 and ISO/IEC JTC1 SC42 (continuous)