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Earth Observation & Geospatial

Earth Observation Geospatial

Focus and activities

This Task Force focuses on Earth Observation data.

The Earth is facing unprecedented climatic, geomorphologic, environmental and anthropogenic changes, which require observation and monitoring at local, regional, continental and global scales, thus resulting in a multitude of new orbital and suborbital Earth Observation (EO) sensors. Therefore, Earth Observation (EO) data volumes are increasing at a rate of several Terabytes a day.

Not only the data volume represents a challenge, but also the varieties of sensors (acquiring the data) and data formats. Also, it is considered that EO data is far from being fully exploited at present. In this context, the more efficient exploration of data and the timely delivery of meaningful extracted information become a major challenge. The result consists in continuous developments in hardware and software, for multi-temporal data analysis, data management and information extraction technologies.


Florin Serban
Task Force Lead