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Data and AI Technologies

Data And AI Technologies

Focus and activities

This Task Force focuses on prividing information and recommendations for future actions in the field of data and AI technologies.

The Data and AI Technologies Task Force uses the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) and Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) as references to fuel discussions with regards to the European data and AI ecosystem.

Despite the growing importance of data and its wide availability as a key technical driver for Artificial Intelligence and data-driven innovation, significant challenges at both a technical and legal/procedural level still remain. These are listed below:

  • The lack of trusted technical systems that enable security and privacy of the data;
  • The lack of interoperability of the data and formats;
  • The lack of or limited interpretability of AI models (explainable AI);
  • Bias in the data and others;
  • Guidance and recommendations on Best Practices to use data and AI technologies in industry

The goals of this Task Force are to provide information on such challenges and potential solutions while giving recommendations for future actions in the field of data and AI technologies. Final aim is the development and deployment of data intensive and intelligent services, driven by public-private collaborations, enabling their industry adoption.

The task force will empower industry to leverage AI and data technologies effectively by providing expert guidance and recommendations to innovate responsibly and sustainably, as well as advocating for trusted and secure data practices.


Andrea Panizza
Task Force Lead
Margherita Grossi
Task Force Co-Lead
Saskia Lensik
Task Force Co-Lead
Fernando Perales
Task Force Co-Lead
Jot Internet Media