Task Force 6: Technical


The main objective of this task force is to identify applications in which big data technologies can create the biggest impact in Europe. This TF will facilitate value creation (economic and sociatel benefits) in Europe by supporting selected industrial sectors and other areas of interest with big data technologies. The key focus of this group should be to identify and act on the needs (technology, skills, etc.) of different industrial sectors (vertical application areas) as well as the areas of interest (horizontal needs applicable to different vertical application areas / industrial sectors such as language technologies, HPC, etc.). The industrial sectors will include telecom, healthcare, tourism, energy, manufacturing, finance, supply chain, content/media, environment, etc. Several sub-task forces will be created to address sectors and areas of interest in which BDVA has a critical mass of members and in which big data applications will create the biggest impact. Synergies across application areas will be identified and addressed. 

  • TF6 - Data Technology Architectures (integrating former TF6.SG1 Data Management and TF6.SG2 Data Processing Architectures).
  • TF6 - Data Science/AI (integrating former TF6.SG3 Data Analytics and TF6.SG5 Advanced Visualisation and User Experience).
  • TF6 - Data Protection and Pseudonymisation Mechanisms  (TF6.SG4).
  • TF6 - Standardisation (TF6.SG6).
  • TF6 - Data Benchmarking (TF6.SG7).
  • TF6 -Big Data/HPC


  • TF6: Lead - Arne Berre (SINTEF) arne.j.berre(at)sintef.no
  • TF6 - Data Technology Architectures: Co-Lead: Andrea Panizza (Everis)
  • TF6 - Data Science/AI: Lead: Dimitris Zissis (Marine Traffic), Co-Lead: (Open Position)
  • TF6 - Data Protection and Pseudonymisation Mechanisms: Lead: Zoltan Mann (Paluno)
  • TF6 - Standardisation: Lead: Ray Walshe (DCU), Co-Lead: Stefan Gessler (NEC) 
  • TF6 - Data Benchmarking: Lead: Axel Ngonga (Paderborn University)
  • TF6 -Big Data/HPC: Lead: Maria Pérez-Hernández (UPM) and Co-Leads (Open Position)