Standards, Data Platforms/Spaces and Industrial AI at the AG43

As in previous occasions, BDVA/DAIRO organised its 43rd Activity Group meeting (18th and 19th of March, 2021) jointly with the BDV PPP Technical Committee (technical representatives of the BDV projects portfolio). The two-day event gathered nearly 100 BDVA/DAIRO members, BDV PPP project representatives and other key stakeholders together to pitch, network and collaborate.

BDVA members and the BDV PPP projects joined forces around common topics of interest such as Data Platforms, Data Spaces, Trustworthiness of Industrial AI, Standards/Interoperability and Data Governance. Additionally, several BDVA/DAIRO Task Forces provided updates on progress and upcoming activities, in particular TF7. Manufacturing, TF7-Finance, TF7-Smart Governance, and TF6-SG4 Privacy Preserving Technologies. The event also counted with the participation of the European Commission officials presenting the recently published Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation 2021, the European Data Strategy and its implementation.

Opertus Mundis, EUHubs4Data, SmasHit, Reach, Musketeer, and Safe DEED projects presented in the session "Multi-sided aspects of data platforms" showing their progress, solutions and findings considering the following multi-sided aspects of data platforms such as user-facing (attractiveness, easy to access, offerings, etc.), provider-facing: mechanisms and strategies, incentives models, and matchmaking mechanisms user and demand, a related session focused on building blocks and assets to develop Data Spaces (including data value) followed bringing together Kraken, Synergy, DataPorts, MosaiCrOWN, Platoon, I4Trust, and BD4NRG projects.

Directly linking to the Data Spaces topic, the BDVA/DAIRO TF7.SMI organised a specific session about "Embryonic Data Spaces in Smart Manufacturing Industry ecosystem" that counted with the presence of the European Commission, TF10 (Data Sharing spaces), IDSA, and some relevant projects such as OpenDEI, Musketeer, i3Market, and Market4.0.

Most of the projects mentioned above also contributed to the session focused on Data Standards, Interoperability and Governance. In the session, projects were invited to present their developments/needs in architecture and technical data governance frameworks, standards and interoperability protocols, data, metadata models for sharing data, etc. Additional projects involved include Examode, Infore, Icarus, and OpenDR. Especially the project presentations on standardisation stimulated a lively conversation and exchange of ideas between the participants, raising high interest for potential future collaboration.

The topic of Trustworthiness of Industrial AI session also counted with relevant contributions from projects such as REACT, VesselAI, SHERPA, FIN-TECH, AIPlan4EU and STAR, showing the richness of the BDVA/DAIRO ecosystem. This session, follow-up of a similar session organised last February, focused on current or planned contributions to Trustworthiness of Industrial AI contribution/assets and value to the topic, relevance and impact, and the future research/innovation needs envisaged.

BDVA/DAIRO thanks all the contributors and participants of the AG43 and is excited to follow the outcomes of the event. Materials are shared with BDVA/DAIRO members and projects through the different intranets. A public package of information about the contributions from projects to Standards and Interaporability will be shortly released and linked to this page.

BDVA/DAIRO organises the next Activity Group meeting (AG44) on April 22-23, 2021. Follow this website or subscribe to our newsletter for more details. For more information on BDVA/DAIRO activities in general, do not hesitate to contact us at