Second staff working document on Common European Data Spaces

The European Commission has just released the second staff working document on Common European Data Spaces on 24 January 2024, a publication that provides an update on their status.

The paper gives an update on the enabling EU legislative framework for data spaces. Since the publication of the first SWD, there have been some significant milestones – notably the entry into application of the Data Governance Act, adoption of the Data Act and adoption of the implementing act on high-value datasets. It also presents the state of play of data-space-related EU support actions, including sector- and domain-specific initiatives, the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC) and smart open-source middleware (Simpl), as well as relevant European Digital Infrastructure Consortia (EDICs) and ongoing work on standards and interoperability.

BDVA's Data Spaces Task Force focuses on securing data-sharing in order to realise the practical potential of sectorial European data spaces, which are a pillar of the Digital Europe Strategy and we are proud to be part of the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC) project, which will run until the end of March 2026. The DSSC coordinates all relevant actions on the sectoral data spaces to ensure that they develop in a coherent way, are interoperable and benefit from economies of scale through the use of common practices, components (referred to as ‘building blocks’) and tools (e.g. software implementations or services implementing the abovementioned building blocks that are considered fit for purpose).

The Data Spaces Support Centre is dedicated to supporting the creation of common data spaces, that collectively create a data sovereign, interoperable and trustworthy data sharing environment, respecting EU values and supporting the European economy and society. In order to nurture the deployment of data spaces, the DSSC collaborates with stakeholders to create and share assets covering different aspects related to data spaces. These assets are freely accessible to all common European data space initiatives as well as the public at large. Currently, these include a starter kit and a blueprint. The blueprint contains a glossary, a data space conceptual model and building blocks, as well as a collection of standards and specifications from the data space technology landscape. The assets will be updated and expanded at specific points in time for the entire duration of the project.

Lastly, the DSSC supports the work of the recently created European Data Innovation Board (EDIB), in view of its task to propose guidelines for common European data spaces and to enhance the interoperability of data as well as data-sharing services between different sectors and domains, in compliance with existing EU legislation on data protection.

Explore the document and find out more about the second staff working document on Common European Data Spaces and the DSSC's contribution to the creation of common data spaces!