Regulation to establish the new EuroHPC JU has been adopted

On 13 July, the Economic and Financial Affairs Council adopted the Council Regulation on establishing the new European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU). Combining investments of the participating states and the EuroHPC Private Members to funding from the Horizon Europe, Digital Europe and Connecting Europe Facility programmes, the total investment will be around €7 billion. The Joint Undertaking is set up for a period from 2021 through 2033.

The Joint Undertaking’s main goal is to make Europe a world leader in high-performance computing and quantum computing. It is based on one administrative pillar and six technical pillars: infrastructure, a federation of supercomputing services, technology, application, widening usage and skills, and international cooperation.

The EuroHPC JU drives European research and innovation by fostering a Union-wide supercomputing ecosystem to address hardware and software technologies and their integration into computing systems. In addition to covering the whole scientific value chain, The EuroHPC JU outlines a framework for private actors to acquire industrial-grade supercomputers together under the Joint Undertaking.

Aligning with the European strategy for data, the Joint Undertaking ensures investments in connecting the supercomputers to data spaces and other digital infrastructures. It also provides access to data resources and services. In particular, the joint undertaking will train a large number of SMEs and public users to make use of and benefit from the supercomputing investments, supporting capability building on new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, data analytics and cloud technologies. Read more about the EuroHPC JU here.

EuroHPC JU was established in 2018 to pool European resources in high-performance computing to develop exascale supercomputers and ensure the industrial competitiveness of the continent. The new regulation was proposed in September 2020, increasing the budget and setting even more ambitious goals.

BDVA/DAIRO and ETP4HPC have been private members of the EuroHPC JU, contributing to the Research and Innovation Advisory Group (RIAG). Thomas Hahn (Siemens, BDVA/DAIRO President) and Prof. Dr. Maria Pérez (UPM, member of BDVA/DAIRO Board of Directors) are official members of the RIAG.

BDVA/DAIRO is continuing as a private member of the EuroHPC JU, bringing its deep industrial experience and excellence in research and innovation to the Joint Undertaking. We are looking forward to the next stage of the collaboration with EuroHPC JU to shape Data Spaces and strengthen Industrial data and AI in Europe, contributing to innovation on HPC/Big Data/Artificial Intelligence related technologies and services by taking innovation joint efforts based on industrial needs.

If you are interested in knowing how your organisation could participate to EuroHPC JU as a member of BDVA/DAIRO, or have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us at