Our community, projects and partners made Data Week 2021 a success!

During the course of three days, the Data Week 2021 brought together over 450 experts from the BDVA/DAIRO community, projects and partners, and the EUHubs4Data European Data-driven Innovations Hubs Federation community to join the discussion. About 60 research and innovation projects (more than 30 from the BDV PPP portfolio)  contributed to the discussions developed in 40 different online sessions, organised in 4 different tracks. Every and each of the sessions had extraordinary value in knowledge sharing and contributed to build bridges in between initiatives and organisations in Europe working on Data and AI.

DataWeek 2021 kicked off with a high-level panel that focused discussions on the Impact, ambitions, opportunities, and challenges of Data and Industrial AI for Europe. We heard different perspectives of how this double and complementary challenge needs to be tackled at European level, the different plans, common ambitions, and the collaboration mechanisms to be put in place.

The compilation of 4 tracks saw relevant and exciting discussions about Data Spaces, Big Data Value and Industrial AI from a cross-sectorial and sectorial perspective, with topics ranging from manufacturing and energy all the way to arts, automotive, public sector, security and agriculture. The sessions invited over 250 experts as speakers across the field to the stage, including leading researchers, innovators, policy makers from the European Commission and Member States, leading European technology companies and other relevant initiatives such as Gaia-X, IDSA, MyData, FIWARE, Copernicus and many others. The event was co-organised by DAIRO/BDVA and the EUHubs4Data project, in collaboration with key members of the Portuguese R&I ecosystem (DECSIS, valuedate.io and Ubiwhere). 

The success of the Data Week 2021 would have not been possible without the excellent ideas and efforts of the session organisers, the inspiring insights of the speakers and the dedication of the collaborators. BDVA/DAIRO is proud and humbled to work with such a vibrant community and thanks everyone who participated in the Data Week 2021!

All the session recordings and the slides will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and published at the Data Week website during the upcoming weeks. Subscribe our newsletter and follow our social media channels, and you will be the first one to know when the materials are available!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at info@core.bdva.eu and see you at the DataWeek 2022!