The BDVA community publishes a book showing how big data and AI applications solve real-life problems

Technologies and Applications for Big Data Value explores cutting-edge solutions and best practices for big data and data-driven AI applications for the data-driven economy. It provides an overview of technologies and methods which enable data value chains and which can be applied in any sector.

MARVEL workshop on multimodal data analysis in smart cities - call for papers

MARVEL project organizes a workshop as a part of the IEEE International Smart Cities Conference 2022. The workshop is called MARV: Multimodal and AI-Responsible data processing and deliVery in smart cities. The purpose of MARV is to highlight data-driven real-time application flows for fast and accurate insights and optimised decision making in modern cities. 

Data Week starts next week – register for online activities and join us in Naples!

The opening event on Tuesday 24th of May sets off three weeks of workshops and sessions, taking place online in our virtual event platform and on-site in BDVA i-Spaces. This year, the Data Week culminates in a main event days, held in Naples, Italy on 8-9th of June. Register here!