Activity Group meeting gave members the EC updates on the digital decade, data spaces, skills and more

The fiftieth BDVA Activity Group meeting took place on Wednesday 21st of September in Brussels. The meeting gathered 50+ members together, for the first time in 2 years again on site. Therefore, BDVA decided to invite several European Commission officials and focus the meeting on the EU strategies and policies for digitalisation and data.

BDVA workshop deepens project collaboration in extreme-scale data analytics topics

BDVA and EUHubs4Data project, with the contribution of the European Commission (DG Connect), held an online workshop with the Horizon 2020 ICT-51 projects. The workshop engaged the projects with future road mapping actions and strategic agendas, and to work on data spaces, standardisation and other topics with the BDVA task forces.

New BDVA white paper illustrates how AI and big data are transforming the financial sector

The white paper by BDVA Task Force 7 focuses on the main ongoing challenges to understanding how AI can be a real catalyst for the transformation of the financial sector. It investigates emerging solutions across the EU, looking at the Digital Finance ecosystems and the transformative trends toward future innovative research in this field.


KRAKEN gives users the control of personal and sensitive data sharing

The KRAKEN project is finishing soon, successfully piloting secure data sharing. The project has built an online service enabling sharing, brokerage, and trading of sensitive personal data privately. The solutions include platform and data marketplace, and provides citizens with control of their data through a mobile app.