BDVA innovation Space labels granted at Summit in Valencia

The Big Data Value Association advertised and granted a label for European Innovation Spaces to help drive forward Big Data adoption across all domains within European industry. At the BDVA Big Data Summit in Valencia, the first five i-Spaces were awarded with this new label.

European Innovation Spaces (BDVA i-Spaces) are one of the four pillars of the BDVA Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda. Innovation Spaces are cross-organizational and cross-sectorial environments
allowing challenges to be addressed in an interdisciplinary way and serving as European hubs for Big Data research and innovation activities.

BDVA officially welcomes 35 new members

The BDVA General Assembly held in Valencia on November 30th officially admitted 35 new members (some of them provisionally accepted in previous Board of Directors meetings):

  • 10 Full members (3 Large, 1 SME, 3 Academia/Research, 3 Others)
  • 25 Associate members (2 Large, 11 SME, 9 Academia/Research, 3 Others)
  • 14 different countries: Austria (3), Belgium (1), Bulgaria (1), Denmark (2), Finland (1), France (5), Germany (2), Greece (3), Hungary (1), Italy (2), Norway (1), Spain (9), Turkey (2), UK (2)

BDVA officially welcomes to the Association the following members:

FULL Members (alphabetical order):

Updates in the BDVA management team

The Big Data Value Association celebrated its General Assembly last November 30th in Valencia, Spain. Among other important topics, the BDVA members were called to elect and renew over two thirds of the members of its Board of Directors, and to elect President, one Vice President and Treasurer (two-year mandate). 

We are pleased to officially communicate the composition of the new Board of Directors of BDVA, and the new leadership team as follows:

  • Laure Le Bars, Research project director at SAP (President)
  • Edward Curry, Academic and Lecturer at Insight (Vice-President)
  • Milan Petkovic, Department Head Data Science at Philips (Vice-President)
  • Thomas Hahn, Chief Expert Software at Siemens (Vice-President)
  • Tonny Velin, CEO of Answare, (Treasurer)

Big Data Value PPP Calls Information Day in Valencia Summit

On Friday, 2nd December 2016, in the context of BDVA Valencia Summit, the Commission will present the topics related to Big Data Value PPP for the next call in April 2017:

  • ICT-14: Big Data PPP: Cross-sectorial and cross-lingual data integration and experimentation
  • ICT-15: Big Data PPP: Large Scale Pilot actions in sectors best benefitting from data-driven innovation
  • ICT-16: Big Data PPP: research addressing main technology challenges of the data economy
  • ICT-17 b: Big data PPP: Support, Industrial Skills, Benchmarking and evaluation

There will be the opportunity to present your ideas and brokerage with other people. 

Working Group on "Strengthening Leadership in Digital Technologies and in Digital Industrial Platforms Across Value Chains in all Sectors of the Economy"

The BDVA Secretary General, accompanied by representatives from Fraunhofer, Siemens and ATOS took part in a follow-up working group on Digitising European Industry on October 21st. A common BDVA approach to establishing a European Industrial Data Platform was communicated, together with the presentation of individual BDVA member initiatives including the Industrial Data Space (Fraunhofer) and (MindSphere) Siemens.

Free Webinar: Getting started with Apache Flink using the BDE platform

The BigDataEurope project's upcoming Webinar is featuring one of Apache Flink’s biggest committers, Kostas Tzoumas, CEO of dataArtisans. Apache Flink is an open source framework for distributed stream and batch data processing that provides an execution environment for transforming unbounded data sets where the time dimension is critical. That makes it ideal for working in areas like transport and Internet of Things where data comes as streams from sensors and where the value of that data is highly time-dependent.

During this (free) Webinar you’ll discover:

Community Survey for monitoring Big Data Value SRIA extended until October 10th!

The BDVA (Big Data Value Association) launched its yearly community survey for monitoring the Big Data Value Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). The objective of the community survey is to engage with the wider Big Data community to ensure a comprehensive perspective concerning the technical and business impact of the SRIA technical and non-technical priorities as well as to identify emerging priorities with high impact for the European big data economy. The results of the community survey will be used as input for the regular SRIA update.

If you are an expert, interested or working in the European big data economy, we invite you to share your opinion by answering the short questionnaire on

The survey should not take longer than 10 minutes.

We extended the deadline until 10 October 2016.

Strengthening Big Data Value PPP and HPC PPP collaboration

Following on from the joint position paper recently approved by BDVA (Big Data Value Association and ETP4HPC (European Technology Platform for High-Performance Computing), BDVA had an important participation at the last EXDCI’s (European Extreme Data & Computing Initiative) workshop in Barcelona. The objective of the workshop was to coordinate the development and implementation of a common strategy for the European HPC Ecosystem.