FED4SAE open call: up to €60K funding, technical and business coaching available to support European companies to develop smart applications

FED4SAE project launched the 1st open call for application experiments. Up to 60K euros funding, technical and business coaching are available to support European Companies to develop smart applications. 

Updates in the BDVA management team

The Big Data Value Association celebrated its 12th General Assembly on November 23rd in Versailles during the European Big Data Value Forum 2017. Among other important topics, the BDVA members were called to elect some of the members of its Board of Directors, and to re-elect one of the Vice Presidents. 

We very much welcome Almudena Sanchez (GMV) and Walter Weigel (Huawei) as new appointed Directors of BDVA and we are glad to confirm the renewal of a 2-year mandate for Nozha Boujema (Inria) and Florin Serban (Terrasigna) as BDVA Directors. 
Find the full list of BDVA Directors here

We are also happy to announce that Milan Petkovic (Philips) was re-elected BDVA Vice-president for a renewed period of 2 more years.

K-Plex project presents results in two scientific conferences

On Thursday, 30th November, Dr. Georgina Nugent Folan will present the paper "Data, Metadata, Narrative. Barriers to the Reuse of Cultural Sources" at the Metadata and Semantics Research Conference, Tallinn, Estonia (http://www.mtsr-conf.org/). MTSR is an annual international inter-disciplinary conference which brings together academics, researchers and practitioners in the specialized fields of metadata, ontologies and semantics research.

BDVA welcomes 12 new Members!

The BDVA General Assembly held in Versailles during the European Big Data Value Forum on November 23rd officially admitted 12 new members: 

  • 5 Full members (1 Large Enterprise, 2 SME, 2 Research/Academia)
  • 7 Associate members (1 Large Enterprise, 4 SME, 1 Research/Academia, 1 Association)
  • In total 2 Large Enterprises, 6 SMEs, 3 Research/Academia, 1 Association
  • Members from 8 different countries: France (2), Germany (1), Italy (2), Spain (2), Switzerland (1), UK (1), NL (2), Greece (1) 

BDVA officially welcomes to the Association the following members:  

European Network of National Big Data Centers of Excellence website

The European Network of National Big Data Centers of Excellence has launched their webpage: www.big-data-network.eu. The objective of this network is to collect best practices and key achievements of each center, define big challenges, meet on regular basis, and align with other European initiatives, with the ultimate goal of defining the data-driven future of Europe.

Media Fast Forward

This year, VRT, Var and BOZAR are organising a special edition of Media Fast Forward, the yearly networking and inspiration event on media innovation. On the 5th of December in Brussels, Media Fast Forward engages entrepreneurs, media professionals, researchers, advertisers and everyone with interest in media innovation to re-think the opportunities and impact of media and technology in our (future) world.
You can find further information about the event and the registrations here.

BBC R&D established a five-year collaboration to unlock the potential of data in the media

BBC Research and Development, along with colleagues from around the BBC, launched a five-year research partnership with eight UK Universities to unlock the potential of data in the media. The Data Science Research Partnership has the objective to be at the forefront of machine learning in the media industry, helping create a more personal BBC that can inform, educate and entertain in new ways.