BDVA welcomes 10 new members!

On December 13th 2022 the BDVA General Assembly has officially accepted 10 new members from  8 different countries joining the association. The new Full members are Neumann Technology Platform, SICOS BW and Volkswagen Group and the new Associate members are FundingBox AcceleratorIDENER Research & Development AIESingularLogic,  St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, University of Belgrade - School of Electrical EngineeringVERSES and WebPredict Kft . BDVA warmly welcomes the organisations!

MobiSpaces, new Data Space project for Green Mobility, starts

From September 2022 to August 2025, the brand new Horizon Europe project MobiSpaces will be developing effective data governance solutions to exploit the huge data volumes produced in secure and trustworthy digital infrastructures to enable data sharing, reuse and interoperability using standardised protocols across different organisations and stakeholders.