BDVA Activity Group meeting June 2018 (AG27)

On June 19th-20th 2018 BDVA organised its 27th Activity Group meeting attracting over 60 participants from BDVA members, the European Commission and other stakeholders. 7 different sessions were organised covering topics such as Data Privacy/Protection, Data-driven EC Data Package, AI, IoT and Big Data, Big Data in Smart Manufacturing Industries, Big Data and Healthcare, Data i-Spaces and DIHs and Algorithm Transparency. The sessions were complemented  with several pitching sessions, brokering and networking opportunities.

BDV PPP Partnership Board meeting June 2018

On June 19th 2018 the 9th Parnership Board of the Big Data Value PPP took place in Brussels bringing together the European Commission and BDVA to review status and progress of the PPP implementation. The BDV PPP Partnership Board meeting also covered important strategic aspects of the PPP such as the recently launched European Data Package, Horizon Europe and Digital Europe programmes, Artificial Intelligence, EuroHPC and the Digital Innovation Hubs for Big Data. Special attention was given to the collaborations that BDVA and the BDV PPP are developing with other PPPs and European partnerships such as euRobotics, EIT Digital, ECSO, ETP4HPC, AITOI and EFFRA.

BDV Meetup Sofia 2018 report

The first Big Data Value Meetup, a 3 days event organized in Sofia (Bulgaria) in May 2018 by the Big Data Value Association, BDVe project and Mozaika, gathered the European Big Data community to discuss and exchange thoughts, ideas and insights about the present and the future of the data driven economy.