BDVA’s response to the EC’s public consultation on Health and Care in the DSM

In order to promote digital innovation in health and care for the benefits of citizens and health systems in Europe, the European Commission launched a public consultation on Health and Care in the Digital Single Market. The BDVA TF7-Healthcare members provided a collective answer on these three pillars. You can find BDVA's response to the EC's consultation on Health and care in the Digital Single Market here.

The main aim of the consultation was to collect information of three main pillars: 
I. Citizens' secure access to their health data and the possibility to share it across borders, clarifying citizens' rights and enhancing interoperability of electronic health records in Europe 
II. Connecting and sharing data and expertise to advance research, personalise health and care, and better anticipate epidemics 
III. Using digital services to promote citizen empowerment and integrated person-centered care.