The European Data Market Study is entering in the second phase!

The European Data Market Study, which aims to define, assess and measure the European Data Economy, is entering in the second phase!  

Over the next three years, IDC and The Lisbon Council will update the indicators measuring the European Data Economy, identify new emerging data-related issues, and analyse the data ecosystem. 
The first output of the new phase will be out soon: a short paper on how private companies share their data to help addressing issues of public interest, such as health or traffic. Private companies hold large quantities of valuable data. By opening up these data they can help solving complex societal problems. 
You can learn more about the second phase of the project and the new paper during the webinar which will take place on the 14th of November at 14h30 CET. 
The webinar will highlight the benefits, challenges and methodologies of opening up private data for public good. 
You can register for the webinar here.