I-Space labelling


With a BDVA label it is assured that the i-Space meets the requirements and the definition of BDVA in technical as well as in organizational manner. The i-Space label is well recognized as a quality label on European level. It benchmarks the different initiatives through the different categories. The label which is always granted on large European Big Data events creates visibility to the national efforts around Big Data.
The i-Space is reviewed in 5 categories with over 80 single criteria measured and evaluated. The categories are:
1. Infrastructure/Technologies of i-Space containing criteria to computing power/Storage capacity, access methods as well as tools , policies, standards & certificates.
2. Provided Services of i-Space like technical support, access to acceleration and incubation support skill leverage and provided trainings.
3. Projects/Applications of i-Space per sector ranked by relevance.
4. Impact to Eco-system of i-Space with criteria participation reach, EU-level outreach, enablement model and impact follow up.
5. Business Strategy of i-Space with criteria in strategy, economic sustainability and revenue statements.

All categories and criteria were evaluated within a 5 stage scale. Depending on defined thresholds an i-Space could get a gold silver and bronze label which means e.g. for a Gold label that most of the criteria and categories are ranked on stage 3 or higher. 

How to become a labelled BDVA i-Space 

The process consists of different stages: 

1. Apply by filing out a questionnaire providing all the relevant information.  
2. Assessment by the experts and professionals part of the i-Space label review committee of BDVA Task Force i-Spaces 
3. Online interview (only if requested by the Committee)
4. Preparation of proposal of labels by the review committee
5. Assessment and final decision by the BDVA Board of Directors 
6. Communication of results to all the candidates
7. Hand-out ceremony of label at the European Big Data Value Forum or other relevant event

Timeline 2017 (Call is closed)

  • Application for BDVA i-Space label: The call is open now and it closes on September 15th 2017Apply here 
  • Online interviews: Foreseen end of September 2017
  • Communication of results: October 24th, 2017
  • Hand out of granted labels and ceremony at the European Big Data Value Forum, Versailles, Nov 21 - 23

Some additional information:

  • The application process is open to both BDVA and non-BDVA members. 
  • The i-Space label applicant is responsible to ensure ALL information supplied to BDVA gives a REALISTIC representation of VERIFYABLE status of the i-Space. 
  • The information supplied should represent only PAST and CURRENT status of the iSpace, with exception of "consolidated next year budgetary & strategy"" information. 
  • The applicant might be requested some additional information/evidence during the evaluation process.If the applicant does not provide the requested evidence or the information provided reveals substantial discrepancies to the reported status, any running procedure may be stopped and prior granted labels may be revoked, at any time on the sole authority of the Review Committee after agreement with the BDVA Secretary General.
  • The data provided can provide a 5-year overview : 3 or 4 previous years, information on the running year, and (if available) consolidated information on the upcoming year.

I-Space labelling Review Committee:
The Review Committee is conformed by a group of expert core members of the BDVA TF1.SG4:
  • Paul Czech (Know-Center, Austria)
  • Dirk Mayer (Software AG, Germany)
  • Roberta Turra (CINECA, Italy)
  • Dirk Hamelinck (imec, Belgium)
  • Pierre Pleven (IMT, France)
  • Roberta Piscitelli (EGI Foundation, Netherlands)

The Board of Directors of BDVA is in charge of accepting members to become part of the Review Committee.

For further information contact ispace-label@core.bdva.eu