BDVA Big Data Standards workshop - June 20

The Big Data Value Association is working in defining Big Data Standardisation and interoperability priorities. The work is being developed by the BDVA Task Force 6 (Technical Priorities) and in particular by the Subgroup 6 (TG6-SG6 Standardisation priorities). As part of the work developed by TF6, BDVA has also defined a Big Data Value Reference model.

On June 20th, BDVA organises a workshop in Brussels to engage with other standardisation communities as an important step to create the roadmap for Big Data Standards harmonisation. Representatives from ETSI, AIOTI WG3, CEN/CENELEC, OASC, ISO/JTC1/WG9, W3C, OneM2M, Industry 4.0, the European Commission, some Big Data Value PPP projects, some verticals and other important players will be joining this workshop.

Follow-up activities are expected during mid-August in conjunction with the ISO IEC JTC1 WG9 Big Data Reference Architecture Meeting held in Dublin and during autumn 2017.