BDVA Position to EC Communication "Building a European Data Economy"

Building a European data economy is part of the Digital Single Market strategy. Last January the European Commission adopted a Communication on "Building a European Data Economy" last January 2017 and launched a public consultation. In response to this Communication BDVA has delivered a position paper a part of the work carried out by BDVA Task Force 5 (Policy and Societal) in collaboration with BDVA Task Force 6 (Technical priorities), and in particular with TF6-SG6 (Standardisation) and contributions from the whole BDVA Community.

In this position paper, BDVA welcomes the European Commission's communication and supports the objective to foster in the European Union an optimal uptake of data value extraction and creation. We support the view that the market should have the opportunity to further experiment and develop, taking into account current rules on competition law, data protection, intellectual property and consumer protection, such new data-based business models before intervention is defined.
BDVA wants to stress the importance of awareness, trust, data skills and access to data-experimentation and data-innovation. 
Read the full paper here.

(Note: This news item includes literal text from the introduction part of our position paper)