European Big Data Value SRIA 3.0 released

The Big Data Value Strategic Research Innovation Agenda (SRIA) defines the overall goals, main priorities, both technical and non-technical, and a research and innovation road-map for the European contractual Public Private Partnership (cPPP) on Big Data Value. The SRIA explains the strategic importance of Big Data, describes the Data Value Chain and sets out the general objective broken down into competitiveness, innovation and technology, societal and operational specific objectives.
BDVA has released a new version of the European Big Data Value Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (BDV SRIA): BDV SRIA v3.0

The SRIA has been developed by the Big Data Value Association (BDVA). BDVA provides an annual update following a well-defined process that ensures transparency. The update process is based on 3 major streams: Engagement with the Community, Expert-based investigation, and Compilation of the BDV SRIA Updates.

BDV SRIA V3.0 brings some advances and improvements to the previous version 2.0 such as the recent developments of the European data market, a more specific description of the Big Data Value PPP objectives, amendments to the implementation strategy, consolidation of description of the technical priorities, and advances in the Big Data Value – High Performance Computing collaboration.

You can find the BDV SRIA v3.0 here.

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