Free Webinar: Getting started with Apache Flink using the BDE platform

The BigDataEurope project's upcoming Webinar is featuring one of Apache Flink’s biggest committers, Kostas Tzoumas, CEO of dataArtisans. Apache Flink is an open source framework for distributed stream and batch data processing that provides an execution environment for transforming unbounded data sets where the time dimension is critical. That makes it ideal for working in areas like transport and Internet of Things where data comes as streams from sensors and where the value of that data is highly time-dependent.

During this (free) Webinar you’ll discover:

  • More about Apache Flink and the problems is it designed to solve.
  • Some of the applications that re using Flink.
  • How you can include Apache Flink in your comprehensive workflow using the Big Data Europe platform.
  • How it’s being used in the Big Data Europe pilot around transport.

Register now! The registration is free of charge.

Date and time: Thursday 20th October, 10:00 Central European Time (see other time zones).


Moderator, Phil Archer, W3C

A Big Data platform for the future: Technical insights into the BDE Project
Hajira Jabeen introduces the BDE platform (5 mins)
What is Apache Flink all about?
Kostas Tzoumas gives an overview of Flink, what is best used for and possible future features (25 mins)
Getting started with Flink in BDE
Gezim Sejdiu shows you how to get started with Flink on the BDE platform (10 mins)
Apache Flink in the BDE Transport Pilot
Luigi Selmi shows one way in which BDE is using Flink (15 mins)
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