Over 350 participants in the BDVA Madrid summit 2015

The BDVA organized its first summit in Madrid from June 17 to 19, 2015 – an event that surpassed expectations with more than 350 attendees from all around Europe. Altogether 17 speeches and 60 working sessions showed important trends and opportunities for the European Big Data Community.

The working sessions were organized by the task forces of the BDVA. Working sessions were a great opportunity to contribute to shaping the BDVA activities and to establish a basis for the development of future projects. 

Collocated with the BDVA summit were further important gatherings of the BDVA community. In the Big Data Value Partnership Board meeting the European Commission (representing the public side) and the BDVA (representing the private side) jointly discussed the great advances of the BDVA in its five months of existence and strategies for the future. During the BDVA Board of Directors and General Assembly meetings, 18 new full members and eleven associate members were accepted to the association; five full members (Philips, Telecom Italia, ZED, Tilde, TNO) were elected to become members of the Board of Directors. A new Vice President was also elected: Mr Ed Curry of INSIGHT. 

The BDVA Summit was a hub for collaboration with other key initiatives. As part of the plenary first day, a partnership agreement between the BDVA and EIT Digital was. NESSI, the European Technology Platform on Software Services and Systems and a key driver for the BDV PPP held its Board meeting and organized a joint session on Big Data and Software Engineering. Finally, the EuDEco Big Data project held a project meeting and promoted its results to the wider community. 

The summit was located at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) and constructed and powered by Answare Tech, Information Catalyst, ITI, UPM, Atos, Engineering, and Zed/U-Tad. Sponsors included: Platinum Sponsors (EGI, Indra, Siemens, Thales and U-Tad), Gold (CEA, ScraperWiki and VTT) and Silver (Answare, ATC, CINI, DTU, INSIGHT, ITI, Orange, Philips, SINTEF and TNO).