The European Commission proposes to launch multi-country projects to speed up the continent's digital transformation

Today, 9th of March, the Commission presents its vision, targets and avenues for European digital transformation by 2030. The Communication proposes to rapidly launch multi-country projects, agree on a set of digital principles, and prepare a legislative proposal for governance framework.

For funding the multi-country projects, the Commission proposes a combination of investments from the EU budget, the Member States and the industry. The project investments are planned to build on the Recovery and Resilience Facility and other EU funding. The Commission also points out that the Member States are committed to dedicating at least 20% to the digital priority in their Recovery and Resilience Plans. The potential projects include a pan-European interconnected data processing infrastructure, the design and deployment of the next generation of low power trusted processors, or connected public administrations.

The EC also outlines the aim of the digital transformation in "Digital Compass". The four goals focus on improving the digital transformation of the businesses, digital infrastructures, digital skills of the citizens and digitalisation of the public services.

Read the EC's press release here.


Illustration © European Commission 2021