BDVA/DAIRO on its way to launch an initiative on Trustworthiness for Industrial AI

In order to respond to the demand from the community, BDVA/DAIRO is planning to launch a new internal initiative aiming at gathering feedback and defining a roadmap for possible activities in the area of Trustworthiness for Industrial AI. Trustworthy AI is a very hot topic for the European Commission which released in 2020 its “Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI”, outlining 7 key requirements for assessing the trustworthiness of AI applications (Assessment List for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence - ALTAI). For the European research and industry ecosystem and for BDVA/DAIRO members, developing Trustworthy AI applications is the main ambition for the future and is believed to be necessary for ensuring that “Europe is fit for the Digital Age” while respecting shared European values.

BDVA/DAIRO is planning to launch this initiative to steer discussions on the state of play and challenges regarding the application of Trustworthy AI across industrial sectors and both for services and products. More concretely, the initiative could focus on discussing burning topics such as the usefulness and importance of shared criteria for defining and assessing Trustworthy AI, the possible challenges and obstacles (both technical and organizational) in implementing these criteria across different sectors, the role of conformity assessment and standardisation in this domain and most pressing needs in terms of verification and validation of industrial AI solutions. 

The objective of this initiative would be for BDVA/DAIRO members to identify knowledge gaps and needs for knowledge sharing in this domain and to plan a number of activities to fill them, building on work, researches and projects on this topic which are currently being carried out by the BDVA/DAIRO community. Activities might involve developing policy guidance and policy papers, providing input for conformity assessment and standardisation activities, identifying related research challenges and developing commonly agreed processes and methods as well as pointing to best practices in terms of technical and non-technical solutions. Internal discussions on how to address this topic within BDVA/DAIRO have recently started and an online workshop has been organised on the 17th of February to foster exchanges between members.

If you are interested in hearing more about BDVA/DAIRO activities on Trustworthy AI do not hesitate to contact the office at: