BDVA/DAIRO to strengthen its activities on European Data Sharing Spaces through Task Force 10

In line with the European Commission's priorities and the launch of the Digital Europe Programme, BDVA/DAIRO decided to step up its activities concerning the European Data Sharing Spaces by strengthening the role and mandate of its existing Task Force dedicated to this topic.

Already back in 2019, BDVA/DAIRO established a very active sub-group on Data Sharing Spaces (T1.SG7) which has led to the development of key publications such as the position paper "Towards a European Data Sharing Space" in April 2019 and its updated version in November 2020. Both papers discuss the remaining barriers for establishing a European Data Sharing Space and put forward recommendations for overcoming them. The sub-group also played a crucial role in the European Big Data Value Forum 2020, by contributing to the organisations of several sessions under the European Data Spaces Track, including a very popular session on "The good, the bad and the ugly: the reality of shaping data sharing policies and strategies" (see full recording here). The sub-group and its leaders also heavily contributed to the update of the Strategic Research Innovation and Deployment Agenda for the AI, Data and Robotics Partnership and to the organisation of many internal BDVA/DAIRO workshops in 2020.

Given the importance of the European Data Sharing Spaces in the context of the European Commission Data Strategy and of the Digital Europe Programme, BDVA/DAIRO decided to expand the mandate and scope of activities of this sub-group and make it an stand-alone Task Force of the association. BDVA/DAIRO vice-president Ed Curry (Insight Centre) leads this Task Force together with Tuomo Tuikka (VTT) as co-lead. Activity Group meeting 42 scheduled for the 4th of February will already include a specific afternoon session on Data Sharing Spaces organised by the Task Force (find more information here) and many more activities will follow.

In 2021, this Task Force will focus on producing relevant outcomes for guiding policy-makers in the full realisation of a European Data Sharing Space. More information on upcoming activities and on the ambitions for this year will be shared soon. 

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