BDVA i-Spaces 2020

During the first day of the European Big Data Value Forum 2020 (EBDVF2020), the Big Data Value Association officially announced the names of the organisations which have been recognised as i-Spaces in 2020 and become members of the i-Spaces group.

The 2020 labelling process was launched last spring and BDVA received 15 applications before the deadline in June. The review of the applications took place after summer and involved several independent experts carrying out an in-depth assessment and peer review of the submissions. 

According to the tradution, the online award ceremony was organised during EBDVF. It was co-chaired by Laure Le Bars (SAP, BDVA Vice-President) and Daniel Alonso (Task Force leader of TF1.SG4 - iSpaces). The representatives of the 13 awarded i-Spaces were on stage to receive "virtually" their label and award. They all had the chance to address the audience with a short picth, explaining what this label means for them.

Amongst the 13 i-Spaces, ten were already part of the i-Spaces group from the previous year and upgraded their label (i.e. from bronze to silver or from silver to gold). This demonstrates the positive influence that the labelling process has on organisations willing to continously improve their services. 

Furthermore, three new i-Spaces joined the community and notably the Latvian Digital Innovation Lab, Smart Home Digital Innovation Hub from Greece and HPC4Poland which obtained the silver (HPC4Poland and Smart Hom) and bronze (Latvian Digital Innovation Lab) label this year. This brings to 18 the total number of i-Spaces labelled by BDVA since the launch of the first labelling process in 2016, as shown in the picture above.

BDVA looks foward to working with all 18 i-Spaces and warmly welcomes and congratulates the new members of the community!

For more information on BDVA iSpaces labelling process please visit this page or write to