The AI, Data and Robotics Partnership presented by the German press

On the 16th of October, the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel released an article presenting the upcoming AI, Data and Robotics Partnership.

BDVA President, Thomas Hahn - Siemens, interviewed by the newspaper, explained the importance of Public Private Partnerships in a European context and for mobilising funding around key research projects. He underlined how the AI, Data and Robotics Partnership received support by European policy makers thanks to its capacity to bring together and mobilise many important players both from Industry and Academia and from the AI, Data and Robotics communities altogether. Mr. Hahn also mentioned that the AI, Data and Robotics Partnership is on track to start its activities in 2021 and that synergies between the Partnership and Gaia X will prove very useful. Finally, BDVA President suggested that the feedback already received from Member States on this initiative has been very helpful and will contribute to improve the Partnership's performance. 

Find the full article (in German) here.

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