BDVA participating in the launch event of the GAIA-X initiative

On the 4th of June BDVA attended the “Ministerial talk and GAIA-X virtual expert forum”, organised jointly as a Franco-German event, which officially launched the GAIA-X initiative for the establishment of a federated data infrastructure for Europe. This initiative stems from the need to develop the “the next generation of data infrastructure for Europe, its states, its companies and its citizens”, meeting the highest possible innovation and digital sovereignty standards and ensuring trust in data sharing and exchange activities.

The idea for GAIA-X originated from the German Government and the lead companies of the Industry 4.0 German platform. Today more than 300 partners from different EU countries have joined this project, amongst which several BDVA’s members. Soon, the activities will be transferred to a fix structure which will take the form of an international non-profit association established under Belgian law. During the event, the organisers called for interested parties to join the discussions in view of launching a prototypical implementation by end of 2020.

BDVA welcomes the establishment of this initiative and looks forward to collaborating with GAIA-X in order to enable further innovation through enhanced data sharing and exchange in Europe.

You can watch the recording of the event and get more information on GAIA-X and its upcoming activities on GAIA-X website.