New group on Data Sharing Spaces (TF1.SG7)

The BDVA Board of Directors (BDVA BoD) adopted last February 26th the mandate for a new subgroup under Task Force 1 (TF1) on Data Sharing Spaces (TF.SG7). The formalisation of this existing activity into a subgroup under Task Force 1 will help centralise material, promote further participation to generate further input, and increase visibility of its activities and results outside the BDVA environment. The new Subgroup is led by Dr. Simon Scerri (Fraunhofer IAIS) and co-led by Dr. Irene López (Bluspecs) and Dr. Tuomo Tuikka (VTT).

Major activities planned for TF1.SG7 include:

  • Further engaging the broad BDVA data sharing stakeholder community (producers, intermediaries and consumers along data value chains) to identify opportunities, challenges, and possible solutions for facilitating cross-sectoral data sharing and exchange practices;
  • Supporting the EC with mobilising initatives seeking to realise an adaquate European data sharing space for all kinds of stakeholders;
  • Liasing with key initiatives such as IDSA, InnoPay, MyData, and other success stories in data sharing spaces or marketplaces;
  • Engaging this broader community by producing white papers with an overview of the state-of-the-art (initiatives, projects and solutions), and a vision for how a safe, fair and ethical data sharing space can be achieved at EU-level.

Key advantages and motivations to formalise this activity in BDVA are:

  • Possibility to become the reference group promoting the convergence of data sharing activities including data for AI, with the consequent opportunity of influencing policies and regulations at European level;
  • Bringing together industry and academia with the relevant expertise, technical solutions, existing projects and initiatives, so as to identify and guide emerging standards in the domain;
  • Looking not only at business opportunities resulting from data sharing ecosystems, but also those enabled for science, governance and private citzens;
  • Introducing a direct channel for EC groups and activities that have already expressed interest and are running activities in data platforms and data market intitatives;
  • Opportunity for members to obtain privileged access to related EC strategic plans (EU Data Strategy), and to shape and define forthcoming DE and HE cals on this topic;
  • Opportunity for members to jointly target calls and engage in new related topics;
  • Facilitating collaboration with external, international associations, groups and major iniatitives targeting the set-up of data exchange and data sharing ecosystems, so as to identify and influence de facto standards.
  • Identifying primary actors that can bring about the necessary change during the course of the HE and DE programmes.  

BDVA members not engaged in these discussions yet are very welcome to join the new subgroup. Non BDVA members are also encourage to engage through our public workshops and activities (BDV PPP Summit and EBDVF). Further information at info(at)