BDVA at the Big-Data.AI Summit 2020

Mr. Thomas Hahn, Chief Expert Software at Siemens AG and President of BDVA, will contribute to the Big-Data.AI Summit 2020 with a presention focused on the topic "Boosting AI in Europe". The Big-Data.AI Summit 2020 (#BAS20) is part of the business festival and it takes place on April 1-2 in Berlin.  #BAS20 targets to welcome 10.000 attendees, combining executive leaders, experts, scientists, policy-makers and practisioners, interested in the Big Data and AI revolution. Mr. Hahn's presentation will take place on April 1st (14:00 to 16:00) in the "black area".

Tittle: Artificial Intelligence (AI) – a real business driver? What is needed?


"AI will impact everyone & everywhere bringing value our society, environment, and economy. Almost everyone now realises that AI offers potential for business growth and nearly every country has launched an action plan. Realizing the impact of AI will require open and inclusive collaboration between different stakeholders whom each bring their own, unique, specialized expertise to the table - which can range from embedded systems, communication and security, to high-performance computing, domain applications and new business models. There is now a window of opportunity where Europe can shape its  future towards smarter machines and systems, one that matches and boosts its competitive strengths aligned with its values. An Partnership is needed to bring all stakeholder together,  to provide structure to the European AI, Data and Robotics community, to develop a strategy in research, innovation and deployment, and coordinate collaborative actions to address the  important challenges."