Next generation Internet Forum 2019, 25 September in Helsinki

The Next Generation Internet programme funds and supports the growth of European innovative research and innovation initiatives that makes it possible to bring about a better Internet that respects human and societal values, privacy, participation and diversity, and offers new functionalities to support people’s real needs and address global sustainability challenges. 

To be on top of the relevant technologies and market developments, the NGI needs the best players to be on board. Join us to make the Internet more sustainable, resilient and trustworthy! 

Registration to the annual edition of the NGI Forum to be held on the 25th September in Helsinki, Finland, is open and free of charge. Interventions and presentations by top experts and influencers will explore the latest trends and technologies. 

The Director General of DG Connect from the European Commission Roberto Viola will present the European vision for the future of the Internet and high level representatives of the Finnish Government and of the Helsinki Municipality will welcome the NGI community.

Participants will be able to join for free interactive workshops, find information about funding opportunities and network with the best researchers and innovators.

For registration and further information: