DIHNET.EU: supporting the collaboration among Digital Innovation Hub Networks across Europe

The DIHNET.EU project enables the coordination of European, national and regional initiates directly supporting the digital transformation and Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs). The project aims to create a sustainable pan-European network of networks, with a focus on regional DIHs.

More specifically, it contributes to:

  • Enhance the collaboration between the different stakeholders from the European DIH Community with a wide range of services, information and tools that will help DIHs to communicate, align, collaborate and synchronize activities.
  • Develop a clear overview of the DIHs related services provided in Europe and align them.
  • Upgrade the DIH Catalogue by identifying/triggering activities in the DIH Community in coherence with regional, national and EU policies.
  • Create a strategy to reinforce the specialisation of these services, as well as supporting its uptake by relevant DIHs and DIH networks.
  • Create a vision and strategy on a self-sustaining business model for this network of DIHs, and to
    make this operational.
  • Create an online community to foster interaction among hubs, information exchange and peer-learning.

The project is coordinated by TNO, and includes as partners: euRobotics, Tecnalia, FundingBox, BLUMORPHO and FEDIL.

You will find complete information of DIHNET project at: https://dihnet.eu/