Trustworthy AI: EU Piloting phase to the ethics guidelines and investments recommendations

The European Commission has launched during the AI Alliance Assembly event the pilot phase of the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI. Organisations can test the assessment list for trustworthy artificial intelligence. An online survey has been created by the European Commission to gather feedback on the assessment list and will be open until 1 December 2019 and best practice examples for assessing the trustworthiness of AI can also be shared through the European AI Alliance website. Further information about the piloting phase of the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI can be found here.

The HLEG on AI has also released on June 26th its second deliverable called "Policy and Investment Recommendations for Trustworthy AI" with a list of 33 recommendations for policy makers aiming at helping the Commission and Member States to update their joint coordinated plan on AI at the end of the year, which plays a key role in building the future of artificial intelligence in Europe. Find the document here.

The first AI Alliance Assembly took place on June 26th in Brussels and counted with the presence of Mr. Thomas Hahn, Siemens and BDVA president, as a panelist.