Advancing Big Data-IoT collaboration at the IoT Week 2019

Strong collaboration between the IoT and the Big Data/AI communities is needed to strengthen competitiveness of Industry in Europe and to bring value from new technologies to business and society. The IoT Week Conference 2019, organised this week (June 17-21) in Aarhus, Denmark, has contributed to further develop those collaborations.

The IoT Week Conference is the reference event for the European Research and Innovation IoT community. It is organized by the IoT Forum since 2011 and it gathers industry and academia representatives from around the world. BDVA has been contributing for several years to the IoT week with workshop and speakers. This year edition of the IoT Week counted with the presence of the BDVA President Mr. Thomas Hahn, the BDVA Vice-President Ms. Laure Le Bars, and represtantion from BDVA members several Big Data Value PPP projects.

Laure Le Bars, BDVA VP, SAP, participated as speaker in the Opening Plenary session called "Strategic Visions on Future IoT Evolution – Towards a New IoT Paradigm for Business and Society". 

On Thursday June 20 BDVA organised a session jointly with AIOTI called "Towards a European Data Sharing Space: enabling Data Exchange and unlocking AI potential”. The was session moderated by Simon Scerri (BDVA Board member, Fraunhofer IAIS) and Tanya Suarez (AIOTI Board member, BlueSpecs/IoT Tribe). The session opened with statements and key messages from the Presidents of both Associations, Kees van der Klaws (AIOTI) and Thomas Hahn (BDVA) and focused on data availability to unlock AI potential and the need to develop European Data Sharing spaces. The session had a look at converging efforts to set up a Data Sharing Space, for and from a European perspective as a global leader. Attendees to this session got insights on the position paper published by BDVA “Towards a European Data Sharing Space” and ongoing discussions about a data-driven AI, as reflected in the recently published “Strategic Research, Innovation and Deployment Agenda for an AI PPP”, available here

Thomas Hahn, BDVA President, Siemens, participated also as speaker in the IoT Week & GIOTS 2019 Closing Ceremony “New Partnerships for Future IoT”. During the session Mr Hahn shared his views on the needs for Europe to boost AI adoption and Data-driven AI to create value. In particular he highlighted the need of an holistic view i) integrating key horizontal enabling technologies (Big Data, HPC, IoT, Cloud, Edge computing, Security, ..); ii) aligning new business models, functional architectures and usage frameworks (such as the European AI framework); and iii) collaborating.  In this context Thomas Hahn introduced to the audience the work BDVA is jointly developing with the euRobotics association towards the establishment of a European AI Public Private Partnership, emphasizing the need of i) Collaboration with different stakeholders across Europe; ii) Openness and Inclusiveness to bring European knowledge together; iii) Joint Strategy leveraging European strengths and unique selling points to be developed; and finally iv) Focused approach to be fast with high impact.


The BDVA community continues discussions around these topics next week in Riga, in the BDV PPP Summit 2019. The IoT Forum President, Mr. Sébastian Ziegel, joins us as keynote speaker bridging both events. 

We thank the IoT Forum, the Week organisers in Aarhus and AIOTI for the warm welcoming to the BDVA community to the IoT Week conference 2019 and we look forward to strong collaboration during 2019 and to joining you again in 2020.