Shaping the European Big Data landscape: from i-Spaces and Big Data CoE to Big Data DIHs (EBDVF18 session)

The BDVA i-Spaces group organized, in the context of the European Big Data Value Forum 2018 (Vienna, 14th November) the workshop “Shaping the European Big Data landscape: from i-Spaces and Centres of Excellence to Big Data Digital Innovation Hubs”.

The objective of this workshop was to continue the work initiated last May in Sofia (BDV PPP Meetup) and consolidated during the workshop co-organized by the European Commission and the BDVA in November 7th in Brussels (presentations and minutes available at:, aimed at characterizing Big Data Digital Innovation Hubs and paving the way towards the establishment of a European network of initiatives linking different capacities (experimentation, incubation, skills, etc …) and technologies (Big Data, HPC, AI, IoT, …).

The session counted with the presence of Riku Leppänen (European Commission, Programme Officer, DG CONNECT Unit G1 – Data Policy and Innovation), who outlined the different topics that will be covered in the call DT-ICT-05-2020 - Big Data Innovation Hubs: i) a federation / network of DIHs that contribute to the creation of an European Data Space, ii) incubate innovation experiments to bring new solutions to the market, and iii) Big Data services to reshape the media value chain.

With this context in mind, the workshop was proposed as an interactive session to discuss about the most relevant aspects regarding a potential federation of Data Innovation Spaces and Big Data DIHs: motivation of the federation, value proposition both for members of the federation and their ecosystems, possible roadmap and potential barriers and challenges.

Nine out of the ten BDVA recognized i-Spaces gave their vision on the subject, highlighting the importance of creating a network of this type in order to, among others, break silos, exchange contact and expertise, share specific data specific to relevant sectors in their own regions, create a common catalogue of services, etc … Representatives of the Network of Big Data Centres of Excellence shared their vision about the importance of aligning different networks and initiatives in Europe.

People from the audience provided additional relevant aspects to be considered: rely on the NCP to boost the federation and disseminate its main assets, find more links between existing initiatives, find complementarities between existing DIHs, adopt ontologies and standards through the network of DIHs, etc …

Finally, it was proposed a brainstorming process where people were encouraged to provide individual feedback on enhancers and barriers regarding community building, business model, platform and one-stop-shop model, and added value of the federation. This feedback was collected by means of post-its in the different panels.

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