Unlocking Big Data Value in Process Industries

The SPIRE PPP organised 2 workshops in Brussels focused on exploring paths for the digital transformation of the process industries and to valide its vision 2050 for those industries.

  • Thematic workshop “Towards Industry 4.0: Digital Technologies in Process Industry” (October 1st 2018) that intended to explore different digitalisation related sub-topics, such as plant and process control, process design, artificial intelligence and big data, platforms for industrial symbiosis, digital skills, cybersecurity, etc.  (agenda and further information here)
  • Stakeholder Workshop “Sustainable Process Industry Strategy Towards 2050” (October 2nd 2018) to review and validate the SPIRE 2050 Vision, establish collaborative agreements with Member States and other contractual public-private partnerships (cPPPs), and provide the momentum for the development of the SPIRE 2050 Roadmap (agenda and further information here)

The Big Data Value PPP, represented by BDVA, was invited to participate in panels in both days. Data, Artificial Intelligence, data-driven transformation, and new data-driven bussiness models were are the center of the discussion. Topics such as data sharing, semantic interoperabilty, advanced data analytics, human-machine cooperation, distriuted data processing architectures and trust in data and algorithms, were tackled and discussed during the Thematic workshop, while the second day the discussion focused more on Data-driven industrial cooperation models, trusted and secure data sharing and digital transformation, co-creation of data and AI platforms with the process industires, and the need of cooperation in between Industrial PPPs to support those industries to walk the path towards a more data-driven economy and to support its vision implementation.

BDVA vision paper, identifies in a cross-cutting transversal way challenges like those that Process Industries are facing and in particular those linked to scaling cooperations models in a data-driven economy. As result of this workshop BDVA and SPIRE are looking at ways to cristalise closer collaboration, generating value to both the ICT/Data/AI industry and the process industry, and defining new paths for cooperation in pre-competitive Research and Innovtion activities.