Data4AI workshop - September 19 - Brussels

The recently announced Digital Europe Programme identifies Artificial Intelligence as one of its specific objectives and proposes to invest 2,44 billion Euros in the period 2021-2027, pursuing the following operational objectives:

  1. build up and strengthen core artificial intelligence capacities in the Union, including data resources and libraries of algorithms in compliance with data protection legislation;
  2. make those capacities accessible to all businesses and public administrations;
  3. reinforce and network existing artificial intelligence testing and experimentation facilities in Member States;

Building on current European, cross-border, national and private initiatives, this joint workshop focuses on identifying the main challenges ahead to develop the so-called European Data Space, essential for the development of AI, and to identify potential paths for the future.

The Data4AI workshop is held on September 19 in Brussels and it is jointly organised by the European Commission (DG CNECT), the Big Data Value Association, and the euRobotics Association.